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Benarit Ltd develops specialized computer software products for
the construction industry. Its main products are designed to
manage complex materials supply and billing required by large
constuction projects.
The programs that are offered to the Israeli market can manage a
project from the tender stage through to final completion, providing
access to price/supplier databases and a variety of mechanisms for
team management and coordination among the different
professionals and tasks involved.

"Benarit-Net" is a web-based project management software
application designed for efficient and cost effective completion of
construction projects
. Working in collaboration over the Internet,
team members have access to their latest allowed project
information - regardless of geographic location, language or time

The company staff includes experienced construction engineers
and computer scientists. Among Benarit's over 8,000* Israeli
clients are the Municipality of Jerusalem and Ministry of Defense
who requires all tenders to be submitted on Benarit software.

* Note that Israel's population is only 8 Million people

The company is continuously upgrading its products and maintains
a high level of customer service.